Selling Real Estate in Palm Springs – A Quick Discussion

Two months ago I was talking to a couple who was visiting from the Midwest, as folks, well they generally come to the Coachella Valley every other year or so as snowbirds and stay for the winter. The couple was considering remaining permanently in Palm Springs all year-round, as they were tired of the floods, tornadoes, and wicked winter weather.Then, just the other day I was talking to a realtor at the local bookstore in the Starbucks coffee shop and she told me there were a number of very nice gated communities with modern architecture, with everything provided for, keeping it simple for either snowbirds, or older couples who were unable to do all the landscaping.The realtor told me that sometimes selling real estate in Palm Springs was tough due to its dual identity; it is known as a vacation getaway for gay couples, but is also known as a vacation area for families going back through the 1970s, as it was made popular in decades the prior to that by Hollywood, and the Mafia who found it a safe haven. Yes, Palm Springs has a lot of history. Perhaps you remember the old slogan; “P.S. I Love You!” That catchy phrase appeared on at least 1 million bumper stickers.Then today in the newspaper here, the Coachella Valley, in The Desert Sun insert there was a very interesting advertisement for real estate “live the Palm Springs lifestyle at The Morrison – now selling. The only problem was that the homes were about half $1 million, and the market still hasn’t returned yet, meanwhile the depiction in the newspaper had box like homes, you know the kind which might remind someone like Osama bin Laden’s million dollar compound in Pakistan, only nicer and much closer together.Indeed, it’s difficult to promote a new wave, trendy modern architecture style with the Nexus Palm Springs look and still deal with the dual personality that Palm Springs here in the year 2011. Luckily, there is decent activity going on in the Palm Springs Greater Area, and the real estate market has picked back up. That isn’t the case for the rest of Riverside County which was almost as bad as the Las Vegas area, the Phoenix area, and South Florida.It’s hard to say if Palm Springs will ever get over its current schizophrenia, or back to its old roots as a purely tourist town, catering to the resort destination foundation. If so, then that is a totally different type of clientele, which also includes retirees who want to play golf until their end of days, than the current buyers in the residential housing market. It will be interesting to find out if Palm Springs California can live its dual purpose, and still support a robust residential real estate market.